FuzzKill Mid East Red.jpg


High-Energy Rock from Boston, Ma


FuzzKill formed in early 2018 after all working together on a production of Green Day’s American Idiot: The Musical. They began writing at a breakneck pace, and within a year wrote and recorded their debut album, “Happen”, while also playing heavily in the Boston music scene, including being the first rock band to ever perform at Club Cafe in Boston.


“Working with bands like FuzzKill is one of the reasons I still love what I do. Not only does their music sounds great but they really know how to energize a crowd and keep them pumped throughout the whole set! It was such a pleasure to work with Trey and the guys; super humble, passionate and hard workers who know what they are doing. Boston, watch out for FuzzKill, I'm expecting big things from this band!”

-Lionel Train, LB Events


Jake Smerechniak

Jordan Potash
Guitar/Backing Vocals

Jude Torres
Bass/Backing Vocals

Trey Lundquist
Drums/Backing Vocals